The Spokane Film Project is a group of professional filmmakers that support the Arts and Filmmaking community by:

  • Organizing Screenings
  • Producing work that supports community organizations
  • Promotes the film production industry and serves as a liaison with Washington Film Works and other government agencies
  • Provides applied education for local high school and college students
  • Is a creativity incubator
Membership Benefits:

As a member of SFP, you will be the first to hear about events we plan, such as classes, meetups, professional panels, and other unique opportunities. You will have a listing on our website with a photo to promote you and your work. You can submit to be listed on our vetted Spokane Crew List for producers looking to hire local crews. Our members participate in educational experiences for young filmmakers, create and attend meetups with fellow craftspeople, and have an exclusive Facebook group where members post all kinds of opportunities, including paid work. And all for free!

Organizational Structure:
Board of Directors
Rebecca_Cook Tom_Dineen Ira Gardner harum
Rebecca Cook Thomas Dineen Ira Gardner Adam Harum
jamie junction Juan-150x150 Brandon_Smith_Profile Shawn Springer
Jamie Junction Juan Mas Brandon Smith Shaun Springer

Board Member Requirements:
  • 3 year terms
  • Application Process mirrors existing process used by Spokane Arts Commission
  • May be re-elected to board for two consecutive terms and may reapply for additional terms after 1 year
Board Member Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Create and maintain bylaws
  • Vote on new board members
  • Final approval of new members as recommended by membership committee
  • Conduct membership meetings twice a year and report to membership the activities and state of organization to the membership at large
  • Attend community film events that SFP is involved with


Membership Committee
Ira Gardner kendra
Ira Gardner Kendra Ann Sherrill

– Reviews qualification of new member applications. New members must have at least one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Documented filmmaking experience on projects that meet SFP STAMP requirements
  • Demonstrated community involvement in film and/or arts
  • Education Background in film related disciplines

Membership Categories:

  • Board Member with voting privileges
    – Voted into office by board of directors
  • Professional Member
    – Approved by membership committee and may serve on SFP committees
  • Associate Member
    – Student or vendor who wishes to participate in group activities or receive communication about SFP

Education Committee
Ira Gardner Juan-150x150
Ira Gardner Juan Mas

– Organizes educational events and coordinates with local high schools and colleges. Works with event committee regarding any educational presentations related to Film Festivals such as 50 Hour Slam, etc.

Event Committee
Ira Gardner Mischa-Jakupcak kendra
Ira Gardner Mischa Jakupcak Kendra Ann Sherrill

– Host film screening events in the community and provides assistance to SPIFF and SPOKANE ARTS COMMISSION as needed.

Film Project Committee
jamie junction Juan-150x150 kendra Shawn Springer
Jamie Junction Juan Mas Kendra Ann Sherrill Shaun Springer

– Reviews proposal for community film projects and makes recommendations to the board for what projects are pursued. Organizes film crews for SFP sponsored film productions.

Communications Committee
Tom_Dineen Brandon_Smith_Profile Shawn Springer
Thomas Dineen Brandon Smith Shaun Springer

– Manages website and social media and is responsible for documenting SFP events by recording photos and video footage. Responsible for recording and publishing meeting minutes.

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