Jennifer Gatts

I have worked in local film production since 2007. Started working as a Casting Assistant and moved into casting extras ultimately developing my own department and systems for extras casting on cable network tv series Z Nation. That solidified my passion for the film industry in general. I had the desire to make things easier for anyone that I worked with and in discussion with my Production Supervisor found that my skill set might be best utilized as a 2nd Assistant Director. I moved into that position in 2016 and was able to join the Directors Guild of America as a 2nd 2nd Assistant Director. That then developed into working as the Production Office Coordinator for Seasons 4 and 5 of Z Nation. I have also worked as a 2nd Assistant Director on 3 low budget films. Learning these aspects of the industry and working both in the office and on set has encouraged me to move into Producing. I was able to work as a Producer for the SWIFT (Spokane Women in Film and Television) project and a VR Project in the summer of 2018. I feel like you learn something new on every project that you can put in your arsenal of “how to’s” that you can go to when a problem arises.


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