Jesse James Hennessy


Jesse has been making movies since ever since his parents rented him a VHS camcorder over rad summer weekends back in the 80’s. His influences range from David Lynch to Roman Polanski, Cronenberg to Carpenter, Argento to Raimi. Jesse is a regular in local and international film contests, and recently placed in the NYC 24 Hour Film Race, where his film premiered in New York City. Jesse’s current project is the Mr. Dark series which he is Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer.


Mr. Dark the Series


  • The Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga ProductionThe Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga Production
    The first ever Spokane Film Project flagship project, The Failed Experiment was based on the concept of Renga style poetry. A Collaborative Poem wth Multiple authors. Each poet creates a short series of thoughts. The next poet continues the work, only having viewed the final stanza.
    A Renga does not tell the usual story.
  • Mr. Dark Ep. 3Mr. Dark Ep. 3
    Episode 3 – All is revealed in the Season 1 Finale. Detective Frost and Detective Riley return to the scene of the crime and uncover
  • Mr. Dark Ep. 2Mr. Dark Ep. 2
    Episode 2 – Diving deeper into the world of Mr. Dark, Detective John Frost and newbie Detective Riley hit the streets and investigate the 8 year old unsolved murder case of Mary Lee Carmello.
  • Mr. Dark Ep. 1Mr. Dark Ep. 1
    Episode 1 – Newbie Detective Riley joins the crew while Detective John Frost is reluctantly asked to take an old case dealing with the brutal murder of a young woman.
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