Matt Vielle

It all began the summer of 1995, when I was offered a temp job at The Hamilton Studio. As an apprentice, studying under Don Hamilton and Jim Osen, I began learning the art of lighting, composition, and photography. And as my technical understanding of the craft increased, I started working with real clients, empowering me to hone my communication skills and fine-tune my photographic abilities.
Through the years I’ve moved through all departments of production – from grip to gaffer, to set designing and props, to sound and camera. Because Hamilton Studio is a “boutique” company, I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience in all facets of production.
I have developed a strong affinity for the camera department, and now work primarily as a still photographer and AC/Camera operator/DP.
The Hamilton Studio has stayed on top of technology as we moved into the digital revolution. We were early adopters of the RED systems, and maintain a strong commitment to staying current in our field.



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