Shawn Shay


Shawn Shay has been a part of the local film scene for a handful of years now. Coming from a theatre/special fx make up and Communications background he had gotten more serious with his film making hobby and started working on festival films as well as his own feature films and animations. Shawn likes to be a part of the whole process. Writing, directing, acting, editing, etc. “I love being able to pull the scene out of my head and show it to others”.



  • The Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga ProductionThe Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga Production
    The first ever Spokane Film Project flagship project, The Failed Experiment was based on the concept of Renga style poetry. A Collaborative Poem wth Multiple authors. Each poet creates a short series of thoughts. The next poet continues the work, only having viewed the final stanza.
    A Renga does not tell the usual story.
  • Anarchy – Episode IIAnarchy - Episode II
    Anarchy is an original -NO BUDGET- series from Ervin Studios in Spokane, Washington.
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