Taylor Patrick

Taylor comes from a family of multi media artists, raised around creativity she has enjoyed films and live performance since she was a toddler. She started her journey in the arts in 2010. Working predominantly in theatre for five years learning the ins and outs of producing live entertainment. You could find her anywhere from running lights, to costume designing, makeup, to stage management.

Her love for theatre led her into the film world where she has been since 2015. Spending her time in the same way as her theatre career she has worked in all different positions. Sound department, casting, production offices, wardrobe, and putting her SFX training to good use! Along the way she co-founded HIT THE TRAIL PRODUCTIONS and now spends most of her time screenwriting and working as Director of the Northwest Horror Fest.

Her goals in entertainment are bringing rich and diverse stories to life and creating a community with as many opportunities for her fellow creatives as possible.


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Northwest Horror Fest
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