Our Mission Statement

Spokane Film Project exists as a cooperative resource; providing support, education, promotion, and networking for the Spokane digital-filmmaking community.

Spokane Film Project's mission is to promote and raise awareness of the Spokane area's creative digital crafts people and their work by making the digital community a relevant part of the arts community and the creative economy of eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

We do this by creating original digital content through public events, workshops, and projects, fostering collaborations with other art forms, venues, and organizations and by operating as a resource for content creators in the area, complete with databases for crew and local vendors.

We are committed to keeping our events and membership free of charge.

Board of Directors

  • 3 year terms
  • Application Process mirrors existing process used by Spokane Arts Commission
  • May be re-elected to board for two consecutive terms and may reapply for additional terms after 1 year
  • Create and maintain bylaws
  • Vote on new board members
  • Final approval of new members as recommended by the membership committee
  • Conduct membership meetings twice a year and report to the membership the activities and state of the organization to the membership at large
  • Attend community film events that SFP is involved with


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers elected from the board - President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. They take on specific tasks as directed by the board including the annual budget proposal, setting agendas, and overseeing the day to day operations of the board.

Communications Committee

Manages website and social media and is responsible for documenting SFP events by recording photos and video footage. Responsible for recording and publishing meeting minutes.

Community Impact Committee

This committee’s main goal is to represent Spokane Film Project (SFP) at Community and Art events in Spokane or nearby that have relevance to the future of the digital content industry of Spokane. To create a relationship or partnership with organizations, entities, or individuals who are developing programs, events, and legislature that is for the betterment and sustainability of the Arts, Creative Economy and Culture of Spokane and the state of Washington.

Education Committee

This committee is responsible for designing and organizing educational events for Spokane Film Project. The committee attempts to have active communication with both SFP members and the community at large regarding the type of events that are believed needed for the further development of Spokane’s digital industry. The committee is constantly searching for ways to develop partnerships with other organizations (inclusive of other nonprofits, educational establishments, professional entities, freelance professionals, and experts in a field that is affecting the digital industry) to produce educational events for the Spokane Community.

Fiscal Sponsorship Committee

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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is a standing committee with goals of raising funds to ensure the financial viability and stability of Spokane Film Project. Collaborating with other committees such as Community Impact, Education and Fiscal Sponsorship to help visualize a vibrant, inclusive, creative local film community which directly impacts Spokane, Washington State and The Pacific Northwest helping give a voice to the new filmmaker no matter what their background is and supporting the local economy. Committee members include - Chair - Jamie Junction, Ira Gardner, Beth Bolinger

Membership Committee

Reviews qualification of new member applications. New members must have at least one or more of the following qualifications:
  • Documented filmmaking experience on projects that meet SFP STAMP requirements
  • Demonstrated community involvement in film and/or arts
  • Education Background in film related disciplines
Membership Categories:
  • Board Member with voting privileges – Voted into office by board of directors
  • Professional Member – Approved by membership committee and may serve on SFP committees
  • Associate Member – Student or vendor who wishes to participate in group activities or receive communication about SFP