Keep Film In WA 2017 Bill Announced

Announcing House Bill 1527

Hearing in House Finance Committee Scheduled for Friday, January 27th

We are pleased to announce that House Bill 1527 (HB1527) has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Prime sponsored by Representative Marcus Riccelli (3,D), the bill maintains the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program at its current level of $3.5 million per calendar year with a sunset date of July 1, 2027.

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The Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga Production

The first ever Spokane Film Project flagship project, The Failed Experiment was based on the concept of Renga style poetry. A Collaborative Poem wth Multiple authors. Each poet creates a short series of thoughts. The next poet continues the work, only having viewed the final stanza.
A Renga does not tell the usual story.

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Keep Film in Washington – Meet Jake Fischer

Meet Jake Fishcer, Owner of Diversify Truck and Equipment Repair, a company who supplies vehicles, towing, and other vehicle related see vices to the film, TV and commercial industry, the Filmworks incentive supported TV show Z Nation being one of them.

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