At several points throughout the year, all the members of the Spokane Film Project get together to develop and collaborate on a single film endeavor known as a Flagship Project. The goal is to create a project (whether it is fiction or non-fiction, narrative or experimental, short or long format) that is a representation of all the talents within both the Spokane Film Project and the surrounding Arts community. The Flagship Projects aim to put Spokane on the Nation’s indie-film map all while furthering the experience and education of our city’s filmmakers and artists. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Flagship Projects.

The first ever Spokane Film Project flagship project, The Failed Experiment was based on the concept of Renga style poetry. A Collaborative Poem wth Multiple authors. Each poet creates a short series of thoughts. The next poet continues the work, only having viewed the final stanza.
A Renga does not tell the usual story.

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