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Production Credits

Camera Operator, Editor, Sound Designer, Performer

House Creeper (12 minutes; Horror Short Film; Released April, 2021)
Gained 20,000+ views on Youtube over a year.


Camera Operator, Editor

Spokane Riverfront Park Showreel (10 minutes; Location Showreel; Released November, 2019)


Producer, Assistant Editor, Actor

The Peddler (5 minutes; 50 Hour Slam Spokane Film Festival Entry; April 2015)


Producer, Assistant Editor, Actor

Pages Torn (5 minutes; 50 Hour Slam Spokane Film Festival Entry; April, 2013)

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Career Highlights

KHQ-TV, Spokane, WA

Run the studio operations for news broadcasts, work-out camera shots with newscast directors and producers, and edit news videos for broadcasts.


I have been a cinephile and loved filmmaking since I watched Star Wars as a 5 year old. Once I got my hands on my first camcorder and editing software as a teenager, I began making short amateur videos with some visual effects for Youtube.

I attended the 2 year film program at Eastern Washington University where I trained intensely in screenwriting, short film production, as well as story and film theory and criticism.

I have continued to build my video and film portfolio on my Youtube channel Sir Reelist (over 200 subscribers) to further exercise and build up my filmmaking skills and experience.

Today I have 8+ years of experience in micro-budget film productions and 6+ years experience as production assistant in TV news production.