Crew Positions

  • Weapons master
  • Armorer

Production Credits

 2021 Saturn (armorer)
 2021 Tempted (armorer/firearm safety coordinator)
 2021 Big Trouble in Seattle (armorer) / (weapons training and consulting)
 2020 Nishabdham (armorer)
 2017 Western Sol  (stunt coordinator & armorer)
 2016 Pew Pew (stunt coordinator)
Additional Crew
 2017 Western Sol (amorer)
 2016 Pew Pew (technical advisor)
Art department
 2021 Apex (prop weapon supplier)

Additional Links

From rubber stunt props to functioning blank-fire guns to stage combat ready swords, we maintain a select inventory of high-demand firearms and bladed props. We can also help source more specific props should your production have unique requirements


Bill is an NRA certified firearm instructor and has an extensive background in training federal and local law enforcement as well as private contractor operators. Bill has a passion for weapon wrangling, ensuring on-set safety and coaching performers to help them deliver the most authentic performances possible. Bill’s experience as an expert in the areas of defensive handgun, long gun, tactical engagements, close quarters, executive protection and undercover operations will bring a unique and authentic tone to your project.