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I am a Spokane native born and raised. I developed a passion for film making and production while attending University High School and have been hooked since. Most of my experience has been self learned with some guidance but I have mostly considered my passion for video to a hobby. I pursued a career in education which I focused on History and Special Education. While trying to figure out where I fit in the educational system I started to dream of a video production class. I was fortunate to find a home at a local middle school and started a club where students produced a weekly news. I was amazed how much effort my students put in to the club, many putting in 10 extra hours a week. After two years I was given the ability to start my own class and things have taken off and my students passion has only grown.

It seems that production is where I’m meant to be because my wife has also fallen in love with creating videos and it is growing in to a family endeavor on top of my professional career.