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Crew Positions

  • Art
  • Art Director
  • Production Designer
  • Sculptor
  • Film Editor
  • Sound/Music
  • Composer
  • Producer
  • Writer

Production Credits

Benny & Joon – 1992

Deep Thoughts – 2016

Synonym – 2016

Strange Love – 2016

Though Art Not Art – 2017

Beautiful sh_t  – 2019

The Noise in the Middle – 2020

Blue Movie – Go Ahead and taste it  2022

Career Highlights

Much of my most viewed work exists as my influence on the medium of Borosilicate Glass. I am in several textbooks for it. I am also listed at the Corning Museum of Glass as the originator of many technical practices used everyday, worldwide. I started in film in 1992, but taught apprenticeships and formulated  technical articles and film tutorials for the new development of Borosilicate glass as artwork. My most recent and notable fine art film is “Blue Movie”, which had brought to me funding for the current films I am making in San Francisco. Having been accepted into the best graduate fine arts schools in the country, I am using my agency as the recipient of numerous scholarships and grants to talk about diversity through the  direct personal guidance of notable artists in my field, I’ve developed a social practice that coincides with a Neo Postmodernist critical theoretical model of making conceptual artwork that I have mastered. The collective worldwide proliferation of my technical and paradigmatic ideas are the most notable accomplishments that I can speak of.



I am a multidisciplinary artist, with a background in teaching, glass blowing, and art materials research. With a few other people, I started the international Borosilicate glassblowing movement of the early 1990’s. I currently study and teach interdisciplinary studio art as an MFA candidate at The California college of the Arts. I practice professional ways of teaching art and studio practice both privately and in academia. As a working artist, and author for various publications in the field of glass and conceptual art, I constantly gain great understanding of how to talk about art, remaining observant of ways the work speaks through its medium. I have been passionate about time-honored Gestalt methods we use to describe what good art composition requires, and how art is made through the eyes of critical theory.