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  • WGA

Career Highlights

HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS – Feature — (Jimmy Shine)

HARDCORE – Feature (w/ George C. Scott)

ALIEN NATION (TV Series, FOX)  (Det. Sikes)

ROBOTJOX – Feature  (Achilles)

STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE  (FOX TV)  (Ambassador Soval)



I grew up in the Loa Angeles area. In college, I was on the fast-track to be a doctor, when I was assaulted with the acting bug. I thought it was just an annoying life detour, but 10 years later I had an acting career going. Who’d-a-thunk-it? Anyway, fast-forward 40 years and I escaped from L.A. and found myself living in Spokane Valley. What to do? I’ve never believe in retirement so I thought I’d find a bunch of like-minded creative people and apply what I’ve learned over the year and get back into filmmaking here..! Got a camera? I got a story. Let’s make a movie!