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Henry W. Laster is best known for doing the voice-over for L.E.S in Small Wonder: Love at First Byte (1988) and as Kent Flankman in Salute Your Shorts (1991).

What people don’t know is that he didn’t love being a kid. Racing toward adulthood to escape bullying, he began writing jokes for stand-up. Getting picked on and feeling disenfranchised is a subject that’s very near to Henry’s heart. This experience was a traumatic one because it kept bringing up unresolved feelings left over from childhood.

While on hiatus from being an actor, he became involved in LGBT rights, anti-racism campaigns, and anti-bullying campaigns, all of which he held a great passion for. He has participated in many LGBT organizations across the US of A. He has even shown his support by doing the movies Milk (2008) and Pedro (2008).