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Crew Positions

  • Director
  • Grips
  • Editorial
  • Assistant Editor
  • Colorist
  • Film Editor
  • Post Production Assistant
  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Production Assistant



Native to the Pacific Northwest, Jake Sanders has been dangerously addicted to filmmaking since he can remember.

Since graduating from Eastern Washington University in 2015, he has maintained being a loyal, positive, adaptive Producer, Director, and Editor for several production outlets and companies – including Caviar LA, Loom Post, Chive Media Group, AtmosphereTV, Valts, Holocene, and Unileger Productions.

Alongside being an instrumental part in pulling off several productions (big and small), and “wearing multiple hats” within smaller production departments, he is diligent, fun, and often the cliché “hard worker.” Let’s see, what else… incredibly organized; communicative with his fellow team; has an intense focus on quality control, while not being wary of experimentation; strives in creativity; and always works to be versatile between artistic and utilitarian needs for a project.


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