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Crew Positions

  • Actor
  • Art Department
  • Art
  • Art Department Coordinator
  • Art Director
  • Production Designer
  • Prop-maker
  • Set Designer
  • Set Decorator
  • Set Dresser
  • Construction Coordinator
  • Painter
  • Assistant Caterer
  • Costume Department
  • Costume Buyer
  • Costume Designer
  • Costume Supervisor
  • Costumer
  • Key Costumer
  • On-Set Costumer
  • Craft Services
  • Assistant Craft Services
  • Directors
  • First Assistant Director
  • Unit Production Manager (UPM)
  • Make-up Supervisor
  • Location Production Assistant
  • Location Scout
  • Producer
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Writers Assistant

Career Highlights

The Garageland Chronicles-Producer, Sound Mixer, Writer-Anthology Film

Night of the Witch- Set Designer-Set Deck- Sound Mixer-Horror Short

Pizza Dreams-Animated short poking fun at the 50HourSlam requirements and loving Pizza Rita

Violet is an Anagram of Love It- Director of Photography/Art Concept Collaboration/Installation-Art Documentary

Malted Milk-The Colourflies -Production Design, Costume Design, Producer- Music Video

Blindfold-Associate Producer, Production Design, Art Department, Costume design, Wardrobe Superviser, Crafty

Tiny Musical- Production Designer, Prop Maker, Wardrobe Supervisor/Costume design, Art Department

Polly, Paulina, Pauline-Associate Producer, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor

FireFlower-Production Design, Wardrobe Supervisor/Costume Design

Midnight Television-Production Design, Costume Design, Wardrobe Supervisor, Crafty

Talithakoum -Production Design, Costume Design, Wardrobe Supervisor

Voraz-Production Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor

Good Behavior-Production Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor

Non-Profit Films-Spokane Film Project-“Fil-Bil”with other board members of SFP for Washington Filmworks-Film Incentive Campaign-Writer, helped with other members to develop best way to tell our story across the state showing the representation of crew from different regions. A collaboration with Shaun Springer, Rebecca Cook and animator, Brandon Smith-It takes a village of community filmmakers!

50HourSlam-Vole’-Producer/Concept idea/ Best Film by 50 Hour Slam judges, Best film Audience Award, Instagram Viral Video Award winner in 2023, 2024 With Team Three Amoebas

50HourSlam Films-PizzaDreams-Animated short about the slams yearly requirements and Pizza Rita

Tell Mama-About Etta James and her long time piano player collaborator









As a child I would paint everything I could get my hands on. I made my own clothes until I realized it wasn’t cool to wear a total pink vest, with a pink cowboy vintage shirt and pink linen bellbottoms. I was a nerd, an outcast, loved reading books and being outside. Socially awkward due to my artistic nature I forged lifelong friends with beautiful songwriters and musicians, street artists along with installation artists participating in sustainable activism, questioning unhealthy roles of stereotypes of the Bipoc and LGBTQ community.Ageism, Sizism, Beautism. Women’s voices and their point of view not spoken, not written, not seen. Fantastical, comedy, sci-fi, historical fiction, real life dramas, thrillers, Grimm fairy tales, music and film all are my interests and then some.



The Bearing Project

The Bells

The Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga Production

Violet is an Anagram of Love It