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as said before don’t have any film experience but to give you an overview of my life hustles I bought a jetskii for 2k sold it for 6k after fixing it for 1k so I made a total of 3k of that in profit. Used that money to buy a cool Mercedes v8 sedan that I’m going to build and  tune (I love cars with a great passion). Plan on completely restoring the car inside and out. I’ve also bought and repaired and sold a few cars in the past since car mechanics are something that interests me as well. I do all of this while also doing my own small custom clothing business for myself and friends. Also do online college and work full time at a lumber mill doing 10 hour shifts 5 days a week making good money. I don’t know if this helps make me stand out or make me sound like I talk a lot but I am wanting y’all to know that I have what it takes to learn and grow as a actor! I have the dedication and willingness to learn and the passion behind it!! Thx for your time 


Born and raised CDA local (ik sounds cringe) have had huge interest in film from multiple generations of Hollywood and want to give acting a shot and see if it’s my real vibe! im very a enthusiastic person when im doing what I like, love the outdoors, have multiple hobbies including fixing and flipping cars, racing, freestyle dirt bike riding (no not trials), skiing and water sports. I’ve been told countless times over the years that I naturally always make myself the center of attention and the life of the party.