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  • Actor
  • Director
  • Producer

Career Highlights

A Girl Lost in Love 2023

Down The Stretch ~ A Poetic Journey of Redemption 2024

Catwalk Comrades 2024


Hello! My name is Kelly Marie Dawson. I am a visionary curious about living my life through the creative process. My passion for Filmmaking emphasizes video poetry, documentaries, and short films. I graduated from SFCC in the Spring of 2024 with a degree in Digital Filmmaking.

What makes me unique is my intuitive ability to understand the creative process. I have owned my own business as a hair designer for over three decades. Having had the honor to perform as a platform artist for the International Beauty show “IBS” and traveling the United States and Canada. I also shared the educational process of product knowledge for high-profile beauty manufacturers with other Hair designers. For the last ten years, I have studied many styles of Yoga and received certification with 500 hours of training. These skills have allowed me to understand people from all walks of life and the ability to engage with ease.

I am motivated by other creative thinkers. Learning to expand my awareness through curiosity and passion has ignited a fire. My goals are to share my craft in Filmmaking and assist others in finding their voice. We all have a story, and I am determined to share the emotional wave through my imagination and enlighten my viewers with a fresh approach to storytelling.