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Production Credits


All Those Small Things                        Librarian                                             NxNW

Cosmological Constant                       Edna                                                     Ron Ford

Where I Stand                                       Elise                                                    Rebecca Cook/SWIFT

Edward and Mrs. Simpson                 Extra                                                   Thames Television

Arcadia Treasure                                  Old Woman                                        James Temple film

Vivandiere                                             Mrs. Fultz                                           James Temple film

Fair Warning                                         Professor                                            James Temple film

Career Highlights

Anytime I’ve been cast has been a highlight.


Aside from a couple classes in reader’s theater and two auditioning classes from Karen Kalensky my background in theater arts is minimal. I’ve worked in the fields of biology and public health research and been a volunteer teacher in Africa on these topics. My husband and I owned a business wholesaling African art and crafts.