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Crew Positions

  • Directors
  • Assistant Directors
  • Director
  • Film Editor
  • Sound/Music

Rental Services

We have an Arri Classic that we can rent out with operator, AC, and Arri 4 light kit for $1,000 a day.

Career Highlights

  • 2018 50 hour film festival: Was selected for the top 15 showing exceptional skill in the art of filmmaking. Film was Exponential
  • Screening of Films Art Institute of Seattle: Where the film KRISTINA was shown and selected as best in show.



Counting Coup Media is a group of ambitious filmmakers who are focused on bringing a new kind of quality and style to the Native community. With over ten years of experience in video, photography, digital signage, animation and sound design, they can handle any project that hits their table.

The company is currently working in association with the Kalispel Tribe, Camas Path, and the Spokane Tribe.