Get your fill of shorts, documentaries, features, and educational films produced in and around the Spokane area by members of the Spokane film Project.

I’m Sorry

A woman awakens from a terrible nightmare and recounts the horrifying tale to her husband.

Mr. Dark: The Frost Special

The demon-slaying-ghost-hunting gang is at it again. Frost, Chet, and Riley answer a call to help from a wealthy woman who believes her husband may be possessed by evil. Good thing they have a discount going on this week called “The Frost Special”. No refunds.

Tail of the Dragon

Sidney Graves just wants to grade papers and skip the hell-i-days. Unfortunately, Santa has other plans…

The Witch in the Woods

Folklore is often meant to impart life lessons to children. When Leah hears the urban legend, The Witch in the Woods, she realizes that she might have walked straight into a trap.

How Festivals Can Help You as a Creative Storyteller

Here are two questions every filmmaker has asked. “ I finished my screenplay now what?” Or” I finished my short film now what?” A panel discussion with filmmakers and writers with experience of using festivals as a way to share their creations successfully. What are the steps one should take and things you should be considering before going the festival route with your project?

A live virtual panel on April 24th at 10:30 am.


When Tommy and Rosie return from their honeymoon, they discover that his gaming stream, and perhaps their very home, have been infiltrated by a dangerous force. Starring Dane Larson, Molly Maloney, Ella Arlene, and Sharon Bryant. Produced by Misty Grace and Sharon Bryant. DP Trevin Spencer, Sound, Kaleb Wrenchey. Based on true events.

Mabel, Daisy, Chip, and the End of the World

Twelve years after aliens abducted the majority of humanity, Mabel and her friends make the best of the world they’ve inherited. After rabies spreads to the local canine population, the group makes the difficult decision of leaving their home, the last remaining connection to her parents that Mabel has.


The delivery guy knows everything about David. His order, his address, his Grindr profile, his phone number…

The Other Akiko

Akiko follows a young voice into the woods and loses her way. She finds her sinister doppelgänger.

Bowser’s Castle

Teddy and Tristan stake out a secret outdoor concert in hopes of taking revenge on a music industry predator.