Get your fill of shorts, documentaries, features, and educational films produced in and around the Spokane area by members of the Spokane film Project.

Mr. Garrison’s Kindergarten Class was Eaten

Suffering from extreme hemophobia, the apex of flesh-eating zombies is not convenient for Mr. Garrison or his students.


Safety on Set: When there is Crash Boom Bang!

A discussion on the procedures and protocols to keep a set safe while shooting action sequences with department heads that play a key role.

The Final Will of Lester Finch

Jane and Tucker break into their estranged parents’ home to steal the inheritance left by their late grandfather Lester. Little do they know Lester left behind more than they bargained for.

13 Callaway Place

Barry and Laura drive out to interview a secluded Claire Eastman, survivor of a serial killer rampage, for their soon to be best selling book about Final Girls.

Made for the My Rode Reel 2021 Film Contest.

Written/Directed/Edited by Jesse James Hennessy

I’m Sorry

A woman awakens from a terrible nightmare and recounts the horrifying tale to her husband.

Recipe for Disaster

Private Investigators Down & Mart interrogate the prime suspect in a baking-related homicide, Rusty Pipes. Is there more to this apple fritter, or will more victims leave in a body baguette?


Mr. Dark: The Frost Special

The demon-slaying-ghost-hunting gang is at it again. Frost, Chet, and Riley answer a call to help from a wealthy woman who believes her husband may be possessed by evil. Good thing they have a discount going on this week called “The Frost Special”. No refunds.

The Witch in the Woods

Folklore is often meant to impart life lessons to children. When Leah hears the urban legend, The Witch in the Woods, she realizes that she might have walked straight into a trap.

Tail of the Dragon

Sidney Graves just wants to grade papers and skip the hell-i-days. Unfortunately, Santa has other plans…

How Festivals Can Help You as a Creative Storyteller

Here are two questions every filmmaker has asked. “ I finished my screenplay now what?” Or” I finished my short film now what?” A panel discussion with filmmakers and writers with experience of using festivals as a way to share their creations successfully. What are the steps one should take and things you should be considering before going the festival route with your project?

A live virtual panel on April 24th at 10:30 am.


When Tommy and Rosie return from their honeymoon, they discover that his gaming stream, and perhaps their very home, have been infiltrated by a dangerous force. Starring Dane Larson, Molly Maloney, Ella Arlene, and Sharon Bryant. Produced by Misty Grace and Sharon Bryant. DP Trevin Spencer, Sound, Kaleb Wrenchey. Based on true events.

Mabel, Daisy, Chip, and the End of the World

Twelve years after aliens abducted the majority of humanity, Mabel and her friends make the best of the world they’ve inherited. After rabies spreads to the local canine population, the group makes the difficult decision of leaving their home, the last remaining connection to her parents that Mabel has.


The delivery guy knows everything about David. His order, his address, his Grindr profile, his phone number…

The Other Akiko

Akiko follows a young voice into the woods and loses her way. She finds her sinister doppelgänger.

Bowser’s Castle

Teddy and Tristan stake out a secret outdoor concert in hopes of taking revenge on a music industry predator.

Using the Camera as a Storytelling Tool

Jade Warpenburg, Director of Photography with local production house KINDNESS and SYFY’s Z Nation shares his experience, talents, and tricks of the trade- to enhance telling stories by using a camera, lights, and lenses.

Rumors: The Story of a Popular B*tch, Post-Mortem

Libby, a formerly-homeschooled teenager, finds herself woven into a rumor that drives her to a take extreme measures. She finds an unlikely ally that shares a similar history.

Spokane Film Project Panel: Video Production During COVID-19

Panel discussion with industry professionals


Spokane Film Project Panel: Storytelling Through Costumes and Makeup

Panel discussion with industry professionals

Death’s Lullaby

Jean is dragged along for the final summer kickback camping trip with her group of friends before they part ways for college. She learns the importance of making the most of the time when she has with them…after a mysterious Reaper in the woods starts picking them off in the great wilderness.

The Well

Noah hears a litany of voices in the woods that claim his friend Gabe might be responsible for something evil.

Blood Moon

Despite missing her father, Joy enjoys her birthday with longtime friend Autumn. After the sun goes down, the pair are accosted by a trio of creeps in the woods.

SFP Panel #4: What is a Director?

A Discussion about Directing in television and film today and the variety of director types in the business.

In Spokane Film Project’s 4th and final panel discussion of 2019 we attack the role of a director. With diverse group of professional directors share their thoughts on directing, the different type of directors, collaborating with other creatives and how the vast variety of platforms effect their approach to storytelling.

SFP Panel 3: Producing 101

A panel of professional Professional Producers of TV, Film, Commercial, Corporate, and Music Video share what they bring to a project. Topics will include everything from nuts and bolts producing to how to collaborate with cast, crew, directors, and clients.

SFP Panel: Unions and Industry Standards

Panel discussion Union members from Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, and IATSE. These professionals talk about the challenges of entering the film and television industry, the importance of the Unions and why industry standards are important for you to know.


In the summer of ’91, Aliza Mandigo was spared the fate of the other neighborhood children, who went missing and then returned…in pieces. Decades later, while helping pack her grandma’s belongings to move her into a retirement home, Chop Man Cheney returns to claim the child who escaped.


Alone (Short) 2018

A description about Alone here.

Meet The Makers, Episode 3 – Mark and Fitz

This episode of meet the makers introduces two of Spokane’s premiere poets Fitz Fitzpatrick and Mark Anderson.

Meet The Makers, Episode 2 – Friends of Mine

Meet one of Spokane’s up and coming local bands, Freinds of Mine.

Angel and the Bear

A shy barista must find the courage to talk to the girl of his dreams. (Musical comedy)

Meet The Makers, Episode 1 – Harold Balzas

Meet the Makers (Series 1) is a collaboration between the Spokane FIlm Project and Spokane Arts featuring the creators who are shaped by Spokane and who make Spokane what it is. In this first episode we meet local sculptor Harold Balzas.