Get your fill of shorts, documentaries, features, and educational films produced in and around the Spokane area by members of the Spokane film Project.

Using the Camera as a Storytelling Tool

Jade Warpenburg, Director of Photography with local production house KINDNESS and SYFY’s Z Nation shares his experience, talents, and tricks of the trade- to enhance telling stories by using a camera, lights, and lenses.

Rumors: The Story of a Popular B*tch, Post-Mortem

Libby, a formerly-homeschooled teenager, finds herself woven into a rumor that drives her to a take extreme measures. She finds an unlikely ally that shares a similar history.

Spokane Film Project Panel: Video Production During COVID-19

Panel discussion with industry professionals


Spokane Film Project Panel: Storytelling Through Costumes and Makeup

Panel discussion with industry professionals

Death’s Lullaby

Jean is dragged along for the final summer kickback camping trip with her group of friends before they part ways for college. She learns the importance of making the most of the time when she has with them…after a mysterious Reaper in the woods starts picking them off in the great wilderness.

The Well

Noah hears a litany of voices in the woods that claim his friend Gabe might be responsible for something evil.

Blood Moon

Despite missing her father, Joy enjoys her birthday with longtime friend Autumn. After the sun goes down, the pair are accosted by a trio of creeps in the woods.

SFP Panel #4: What is a Director?

A Discussion about Directing in television and film today and the variety of director types in the business.

In Spokane Film Project’s 4th and final panel discussion of 2019 we attack the role of a director. With diverse group of professional directors share their thoughts on directing, the different type of directors, collaborating with other creatives and how the vast variety of platforms effect their approach to storytelling.

SFP Panel 3: Producing 101

A panel of professional Professional Producers of TV, Film, Commercial, Corporate, and Music Video share what they bring to a project. Topics will include everything from nuts and bolts producing to how to collaborate with cast, crew, directors, and clients.


SFP Panel: Unions and Industry Standards

Panel discussion Union members from Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, and IATSE. These professionals talk about the challenges of entering the film and television industry, the importance of the Unions and why industry standards are important for you to know.