The master of terror, Edgar Allen Poe, is coming to the Bing Crosby Theater October 19, just in time for Halloween, in a multi-genre night of beauty and horror produced by Lake City Playhouse, under the direction of Artistic Director George Green.
In a mashup of Get Lit!, Night of the Walking Dead, and Smash, the program will explore the haunting beauty of Poe’s short stories and poems through dance, original musical compositions and staged adaptations.
A team of area performers will present versions of The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amantillado. Some of Poe’s iconic poems will be put to music, while others will be interpreted through original dance compositions.
“We’re celebrating the literary genius of Poe’s words as they rise from the page onto the stage and come alive in an exhilarating variety of ways,” said Green.

Produced by:
Dylan Ervin – Ervin Studios
Bryan Gosline – Silly Goose Films
Adam Harum – Kinetic Energy Productions
Jamie Junction
Kendra Anne Sherrill
Shaun SpringerSlothberg Productions

Filmed in Spokane, WA