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Crew Positions

  • Art Department
  • Art
  • Camera Operator
  • Camera Production Assistant
  • First Assistant Camera
  • Second Assistant Camera
  • Set Photographer
  • Locations
  • Location Scout
  • Post Production


My love for cameras started at age 15 at very young age i always had a fascination with cameras i myself already had a art median i was playing cello and string instruments all through high school and very much loved it music was one the best times of my life, I got into photography at the time due to being lost in my own life for years I used photography as a coping mechanism in helping myself it was not until the Covid-19 Pandemic is when I found media and photography to being my job History is important, Photos of history is more important and i want to be apart of that history I am currently enrolled in community college for my AA Degree in photography and hope to transfer to baccalaureate program in arts or advance more into photography.