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Production Credits

COVID-19 Compliance Officer – Lifetime Entertainment Gabby Petito Special                May 2022

  • Assisted in enforcing compliance to COVID-19 set protocols and guidelines.
  • Coordinated day-of antigen testing of non-vaccinated talent and crew members.
  • Conducted screening of all crew members and talent.
  • Performed frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces.


COVID-19 Compliance Assistant – Jojo Siwa DREAM Tour                                                      January 2022

  • Assisted in the daily screening and testing of crew members, performers and traveling parties.
  • Maintained of screening documentation and test scheduling.
  • Worked with production management to respond to new cases and facilitate isolation and quarantine protocol.
  • Assisted in enforcing compliance to COVID-19 tour protocols and guidelines.


Experienced COVID-19 professional, with a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Safe Sets and Johns Hopkins Certified. Experience with compliance, testing, screening, contact tracing and disinfection.