Jamie Junction

jamie junction

Multi-media Artist/ Member of Spokane Film Project. I will always be a street artist first as I believe art should be accessible by all. 
I am an artist, activist and filmmaker. Collaborating with other curatorial teams like Black Rabbit Magic, Boys Who Like Butterflies and The Performance Artist/artist Bruce Horman, juxtoposing art and community in order to bring light to ways of making art that expresses community and sustainability. My personal practice includes filmmaking, producing, writing, curating, photojournalism, performance art, painting, as well as community engagement and social interventions. I am working towards a fine art degree in Performance Art and Film..with a concentration of Art as Healing. I have also been a figurative art model posing for artists such as Tom Quinn, Jack Lantz and Peace. Some of the oil paintings I have posed for have won national oil painting awards Including Peace and her piece which won “best new artist” for Art on the Green. As a figurative model I like challenging censorship, womens roles in fairy tales, and women in pop culture. I like encouraging a stronger more positive role, for women, other than what is seen in the public and media. In film I like to tell positive stories of women of all races and not just the cliche’ roles of women or maybe a part of the narrative that is uncomfortable or controversial. I love pin-ups, the story of Bettie Page and Marylin Monroe.They are real role models to me just like Emily Dickinson and Rosa Parks. I have acted in several films and danced in a few films as well. After a near tragic accident, where I nearly lost my leg, I picked up a camera as a way to heal and stay involved in art. I am inspired by Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, and Jim Henson. As a street artist, I have a special love of comic book artists and those that draw graphic novels. I have included them under my wing as they are now the new top banned books in America. I love the creative and innovative art they bring to our drawing, dramatic, comedic lives.



  • The Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga ProductionThe Failed Experiment, A Spokane Film Project Renga Production
    The first ever Spokane Film Project flagship project, The Failed Experiment was based on the concept of Renga style poetry. A Collaborative Poem wth Multiple authors. Each poet creates a short series of thoughts. The next poet continues the work, only having viewed the final stanza.
    A Renga does not tell the usual story.
  • Violet is an Anagram of Love ItViolet is an Anagram of Love It
    A short doc about Austin Stiegemeier and his installation artwork in Spokane WA. Installed in the Window Dressing gallery, this work focuses on social inequality and its manifestations in the built environment.
  • The Bearing ProjectThe Bearing Project
    “The Bearing Project” A short film for Artist Ildiko’ Kalapacs and the Non-Profit Organization “The Bearing Project.”
    Ildiko’ Kalapa’cs is raising funds to have her project created full size…
  • The BellsThe Bells
    The master of terror, Edgar Allen Poe, is coming to the Bing Crosby Theater October 19, just in time for Halloween, in a multi-genre night of beauty and horror produced by Lake City Playhouse, under the direction of Artistic Director George Green…
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