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Crew Positions

  • Sound/Music
  • Composer
  • Sound Designer

Career Highlights

You Might Get Lost (2021)  

The Apocalypse Box (2023) – Coming Soon


I have been in love with the partnership between music and filmmaking since I was very young. Enamored by the collaborations of John Williams with Lucas and Spielberg, or Elfman with Burton, and all of the successful partnerships working with the same purpose to tell a story, and move the audience.

I learned a lot by ear early on and began learning more formally in elementary school through university. My focus has been with the cello and guitars, with early experiences with creating music for local performance theater, and student short films. Life has taken me in many directions, including live rock bands and performing with small and large orchestral ensembles. Just before the initial COVID lock down I came back to focus on composing and was hired to provide original music for an independent feature film, “You Might Get Lost” (Amber Pictures), and was hired again this year for another Amber Pictures feature production currently in post.

It’s not just about getting work to me. I would love to sit over coffee discussing film and philosophy. I seek professional relationships with passionate film makers that I might help them tell their stories.

*Music available on request.