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Crew Positions

  • Actor

Career Highlights

Daredevil- MArvel- Title vocalist. for beginning credit page

CIC- Lead Singer

Many years choir training- preformance

Auditions for Broadway style musical


Personal skill in dance

Personal Escort-

Plays Violin

Radio Club

Volunteer Director

Model- training- acting consorted


In the past, I have in auditions, concerts, and ushering, aerial filming. I have recording experience, and some dance expertise. I have a consultation management, and preform routine scat, and I am a career mentalist. I feel that mental health is a formance that best suits a detail, and career orientation. I have been surrounded by the intentions, that a film career can offer, and some stage set, evaluation.

I enjoy theatre, concert pro-formance, career management. Case by case resolution as well as career fair orientation. I believe in free practice an creative direction.