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Crew Positions

  • Camera
  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Electrical
  • Electricians
  • Gaffer

Production Credits

  • Additional photography for the Anheuser Busch documentary “Kings of Beer,” released on Amazon Prime
  • EPK video production for all 5 seasons (68 episodes) of “Z Nation,” airing on SyFy
  • Director of photography for “Craig Ehlo: Michael Jordan’s Most Famous Victim,” for Bleacher Report and Sprite
  • Camera operator for “Dreamspace with Kathy Ireland,” an online contest hosted by American Family Insurance
  • Camera operator for the feature length documentary “Bias,” directed by Robin Hauser, produced by Finish Line Features, released on Apple TV
  • EPK for the feature film “All Those Small Things,” directed by Andrew Hyatt, produced by RebelKat Productions
  • Additional photography for a yet to released historic documentary series on Netflix
  • EPK for the feature film “I’ll Be Watching,” directed by Jodi Binstock, produced by Go2chroma, released on Lifetime
  • EPK for the feature film “Home Sweet Home,” directed by Juan Mas, produced by 5×5 Media, distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia
  • Director of Photography for the UFC 244 Watch Party, produced by UFC, released via UFC on-demand
  • Additional photography for “30 for 30: Believeland,” directed by Andrew Billman, released on and produced by ESPN
  • Additional Photography, interviewed Sean Astin for Entertainment Tonight / CBS
  • Camera operator for the 2017 and 2018 Ted-X events at the University of Idaho
  • Jimmy Jib Triangle Pro Operator, on-going, for Inland Sessions at KSPS, a local PBS affiliate
  • Director of Photography for numerous BASF Global corporate videos
  • Director of Photography for two crime shows currently in production, to air on A&E Networks

Rental Services

Shutterworks Rentals Spokane has the most extensive selection of rental equipment for photography shoots and video productions in Spokane. We stock professional-grade equipment and back it with exceptional service. Shutterworks Rentals Spokane has outfitted numerous feature films, episodic TV shows, documentaries, and national commercials with the tools they need.

With several grip trucks to choose from, Shutterworks Rentals Spokane has solutions for productions of all sizes. Shutterworks Rentals Spokane’s rental equipment includes the massive ARRI SkyPanel S360-C softlight fixture, the powerful ARRI M40 focusable PAR HMI fixture, and the flexible ARRI Orbiter LED fixture. For still photography, we rent Profoto studio strobes, along with a selection of light modifiers and chimeras. To power it all, we rent generators, cable, and power distribution boxes.

Additionally, Shutterworks has an ample stock of camera and general production equipment available to rent. From the ubiquitous Sachtler fluid head tripod to DJI gimbal stabilizers, camera dollies, and a Jimmy Jib camera crane, we have the tools you need to get your dream shot. To keep your set safe and efficient, we offer Motorola walkie radios, equipment carts, pop-up canopy tents, and more.

Shutterworks Rentals Spokane is not just another equipment rental company. We care about your production as if it were our own. We want to put the right tools in your hands, not sell you on the most expensive option. Honesty, integrity, and top-notch service are the core values of Shutterworks Rentals Spokane. Contact us today to experience the difference.

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Career Highlights

Michael has been hired for a range of projects, including episodic TV shows, documentaries, and online marketing videos. He provided behind-the-scenes EPK footage for all five seasons of Z Nation for SYFY, as well as for numerous feature films. In the last several years, he has filmed a half-dozen true crime shows for A+E and provided additional photography for the Netflix original series WWII in Color: Road to Victory.

For one assignment, Michael was tasked with capturing video footage proving the bullet resistance of a recently designed construction material. From his training at Brooks, he knew exactly how to tackle the project. He selected a pair of ARRI M18 HMIs to provide required level of illumination for high-speed filming. Michael filmed at 70,000 to 112,000 frames per second to slow down the action by a factor of 4,000 times. (A regular video camera records at just 24 to 30 frames per second.)



Michael Notar is a photographer and cinematographer based in Spokane, Washington. Growing up in North Idaho, Michael was surrounded by nature and wildlife and sought out a medium to capture what he saw. He also has the mind of an engineer and was mechanically inclined. Michael found photography, which is the perfect blend of art and science, while in middle school and has stuck with it ever since. He was accepted to the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Commercial Photography. While at Brooks, he took a deep dive into location and studio lighting, qualities of light, Ansel Adams’ Zone System, and industrial scientific imaging, which included high-speed video. These classes sparked Michael’s interest in cinematography. He has been active in cinematography for 15 years and still photography for 25 years.



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